Please call or email and see what dates we have available. 

            Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund, Inc.

                                   1306 West Fourth Street 

                                            PO Box 750 

                                    Little Rock, AR 72203

                            Committed to providing access to higher education through affordable student loans 


 You can click the link below to apply for the AREF Loan or come by the office and pick up a printed of copy to fill out at your convenience. 

  • Private student loans 

  • Personal Service

  • Quick and easy online application 

  • Low Interest Rates of 5% During School 6.5% After Graduation

  • Don't Start paying it back until 6 months after last day of school

  • Co-signer is Required 

  • ( Note: Adverse credit history may impact approval.)



      Phone: 501-375-2358                                              

      Toll Free: 800-232-5505 

      Fax: 501-375-8625  



     To qualify for a student loan, you must be an Arkansas resident for at          least 6 months with a permanent home address outside the city limits

     of Little Rock or North Little Rock. 

*There is a $20 processing fee for each application. 
 Covid Hours 
 Tuesday - Thursday  10am - 5pm