United Welding Institute provides training of the highly sought skills of intensely inspected welding.
(oilfield, power plant, refineries, pipelines, etc.)

Our instructors are welders who are very experienced in industrial welding and fitting.

United Welding Institute owned by Jonathan Humphrey is one of the few welding schools that is owned and operated by a professional welder. This helps in many situations for the student including job placement and the instructor knowing what is wanted by the industries.

Jonathan has experience in many states traveling project to project fitting and welding pressurized pipe as a single hand welder/fitter. Then in 2005 he became a welding contractor and began work in the oilfields which is where he noticed a great lack of well trained young welders to replace retiring welders.

A student that completes the career welding course can expect many opportunities to use their new skills.

Our goal is to produce the very best welders possible and most sought after newly trained welders in the industry.

Students also need to be taught that a good working attitude is sometimes as important as welding skills.

“I’m excited to introduce you to the world of career welding.” -JONATHAN HUMPHREY
Lifetime Brush Up

A student who goes through the career welding course is
welcome to return at anytime to brush up on his or her skills.

Lifetime Job Assistance

A student in good standing with United Welding Institute will be assisted in finding employment if assistance is needed.​